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Albert Thurston

albertthurston's Dugdale Linen Braces  
June 25, 2017  
Grey Linen Braces

Dugdale grey linen tubed braces.

Multifit $149.95 QTY
Duck Blue Linen Braces

Dugdale duck blue tubed linen braces.

Multifit $149.95 QTY
Navy Linen Braces

Dugdale navy linen tubed braces.

Multifit $149.95 QTY
Clip on buttons

A clever answer to an old problem. As they can easily be moved from one pair of trousers to another. These clip on buttons are indispensable to the keen brace wearer.

$39.95 QTY



Smart Braces for Men

Our Dugdale Linen Brace range is made from the highest quality Yorkshire cloth. Lightweight and easy to wear, the linen brace creates an effortless summer look.

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