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Albert Thurston

albertthurston's Dugdale 'Caldonaire Tweed'  
September 18, 2019  
Dugdale Caldonaire Tweed

Green and rust flecked herringbone tweed tubed braces.

Multifit $149.95 QTY
Dugdale Caldonaire Tweed

Brown herringbone tweed tubed braces.

Multifit $149.95 QTY
Antique Silver Clip-On Buttons

A clever answer to an old problem. As they can easily be moved from one pair of trousers to another. These clip on buttons are indispensable to the keen brace wearer.

$39.95 QTY
Brown Herringbone Braces

Brown herringbone patterned tubed braces made from 100% wool. This cloth is cut, fused and lined before being turned into tubed straps then finally pressed and made into braces. All of our tubed braces have an elasticated back portion for ease of

Multifit $129.95 QTY
Antique Brass Clip-on Buttons

Antique brass clip-on buttons

No Size $39.95 QTY



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Dugdale's Caldonaire Tweed is one of the last tweeds to still be made in Yorkshire. Steeped in history, these heritage braces are a timeless classic and pay homage to a cloth that has been around for over a century.

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